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The Big Ben, London

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The week I was in London was really awesome and it turned out to be a turn point for what photography means to me and how that changes my Portefolio, for better. It was after that that I decided to create my own website, Luis Pina Photography.

On that week, I felt more inspired than ever and I confess that it was very difficult to return to the normal daily routine. I was already used to walk on the city, relax and just create art.

The days in London were mainly rainy (normal for April) but I was very lucky that at sunset time, the rain would stop and the skies would have the most spectacular and dramatic colors.

On my first day, I chose to photograph the Big Ben at sunset and check out the amazing sky that appeared, only two hours after stormy weather..unbelievable :)..

Sometimes I need to have some luck hehe

Regarding the photo, I merged some photos to have a correct final exposure. The car lights on the bridge were photographed later, when it was darker, as well as the Westminster Palace and Big Ben lights.

After that I calibrated the colors with the Color Efex Pro filter, I used a High Pass filter on Photoshop to sharpen the image and corrected the noise with the Topaz DeNoise filter.

Before and After

Were you already in London? Did it already happen to you to have a stormy weather day and then at sunset the sky turns out to be the most amazing thing?

Happy shooting!


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